A nonprofit dedicated to educating the public on safety and security measures


Security Awareness Outreach (SAO) is organized exclusively for charitable purposes to teach the public how to recognize hazards critical in mitigating security-related risks. We improve the community by promoting a culture of safety.

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About SAO

Learn more about who we are, our mission and vision, and how we plan to change the landscape of safety

SAO University


Explore our services and why it’s crucial for every community, business, college, and school district to put safety first

Keeping You Safe & Sound

Security Awareness Outreach is a certified public nonprofit comprised of retired military veterans and former Sheriff’s Department Superintendents who have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to consult, protect, and train on safety conditions for any environment. We also have a thorough knowledge of active (human) and passive (electronic) surveillance monitoring systems and can provide expert advisement on a system specific to your requirements. Trust us to keep you safe, sound, and confidently protected.


School/Office Safety

We train and prepare your school district or corporate offices to respond to any threat or security issue

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Safety Audit Checks

Hire our team to conduct safety audit checks to ensure your schools, offices, and venue maintain a culture of safety

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Active Shooter Drills

Our team of expert security professionals train you on active shooter and intrusion threats